ADDITION EFFECT OF FRUCTOOLIGOSACCHARIDES IN COCONUT COOKIES: acceptability sensory and physico-chemical composition

Franciélly STADLER, Paôla Diovana GOMES, Fabiane La Flor Ziegler SANCHES, Elisvânia Freitas dos SANTOS, Daiana NOVELLO


This study aimed to verify the sensory acceptability of coconut cookie enriched with fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and determine the physical-chemical composition of the traditional formulation and with the highest level of FOS and similar sensory acceptance. Were used six formulations of cookies: F1 (standard) and the others added 10% (F2), 12.5% (F3), 15% (F4), 17.5% (F5) and 20% (F6) FOS. Sensorially, F1, F2, F3 and F4 showed good acceptance, with no statistical difference between them, in all attributes. In physico-chemical composition F4 showed higher fiber concentration, carbohydrates and calories and lower moisture (p<0.05) than F1. Thus, the products development has demonstrated that an addition level of 15% FOS in coconut cookies was better accepted by the judges, obtaining sensory acceptance similar to standard product and good expectations of sales.



Fibers. Unconventional sugar. Nutrition.

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