MFAg: a R package for carrying out the multiple factor analysis

Paulo César OSSANI, Marcelo Ângelo CIRILLO


In considering the study between groups of variables using a multivariate approach, the usual techniques are either limited or unviable to describe how distinct these groups are. The multiple factor analysis technique (MFA) enables a statistical analysis among groups, whether they are quantitative, categorical, frequency or even mixed. The core of the technique is a factor analysis applied to the set of variables in which each group of variables is balanced, leading to a representation of the observations and variables. Thus, this package carries out the multiple factor analysis technique, generating easy results of being surveyed, as in a PCA (Principal Components Analysis), in addition to statistical plots of easy understanding. It possesses also some other functions for multivariate analysis, which are used by the MFA technique.

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ISSN: 1517-0276

EISSN: 2236-5362